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Keliakianuoret - Finnish Youth Coeliacs

Finnish Youth Coeliacs is the youth group of Finnish Coeliac Society. Our activities are for 16 to 30 years old Coeliac Society members who are on gluten free diet due to coeliac disease or other reasons. Our aim is to organize fun and interesting gluten free things to young people as well as meet other young coeliacs.

The activities are organized by youth committee, who work voluntarily on these important matters. If you have anything to ask, please email us.

The youth committee this year (2024):

  • Arto Hanttu, Joensuu (chairman)
  • Janita Alanko, Ylöjärvi
  • Pauliina Leppänen, Helsinki


Instagram: @keliakianuoret

Facebook: Keliakianuoret - Finnish Youth Coeliacs


All activities are held in Finnish. If you need information about gluten free products or eating out in Finland, visit the Society's website (in English).